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If you're not using data, you're just guessing.

DIBS is the most advanced pricing engine for wellness, and it's sustainable. Customer loyalty is built-in, so your most valuable customers are automatically rewarded for positive actions, like booking early and often. DIBS analyzes customer behavior not only to provide insights, but also to show your customers exactly the classes and services they want - leading them to book more.

Real-time Pricing

DIBS uses data to price every single spot according to actual demand, in real-time. With DIBS, you know that you're always getting the highest price that the customer is willing to pay for every individual spot. Prices are updated after each booking to respond to ever-changing demand. Prices increase as we approach the start of the class, training price-sensitive customers to book early and often for lower prices.

Recursive Data Intelligence

Every time a customer books through DIBS, the engine gets 1% better. DIBS uses data immediately to improve your customer's experience.

Everywhere Booking

Meet customers everywhere they are. Customers can book through six different channels with DIBS: Your site, your mobile, DIBS site, DIBS mobile, Text (SMS), and Facebook.

Total Control

You have complete control over pricing. Use standard settings, or set your own custom price min, price max and optimization targets.

Single Sign-on

Customers can use their existing credentials for a seamless experience on your own site.

White Labeled Integration

Pricing seamlessly integrated within your own website.

Fun fact:

People who book using DIBS spend 95% more than other users.

What does it cost?

DIBS charges a small percentage of transactions booked through DIBS.

The DIBS Effect

Working with DIBS is like having a full-time data analyst on your staff.
Use the calculator below to calculate your potential increase in revenue.

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Use DIBS and increase your annual revenue:
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Questions. Answers.

Do I have to change my booking platform?

DIBS integrates seamlessly with your booking platform; you don’t have to change a thing. The pricing is available to customers directly through your site. These are your customers, and we are looking to enhance your relationship with them- not replace it. Your pre-existing payment methods will continue to be available to users who prefer to book the old-fashioned way.

Why is your fee structure a percentage of each booking, rather than a flat cost?

We are fully aligned with our studio partners; we strongly believe that we should not be making money unless you are. Together, we will drive more bookings at your studio.

Can I use DIBS if I use discount platforms?

DIBS Technology molds positive and sustainable customer behavior by incentivizing early and frequent bookings, rather than offering last minute discounts. While DIBS is technically compatible with most booking and discount platforms, we recommend that studios select partners that align with their philosophy of positive customer behavior.

How does DIBS pricing work?

At DIBS, we don’t take shortcuts. Rather than just assigning a flat price to each class on your schedule, we price every single spot in every single class based on real-time demand. Prices start lower to incentivize early bookings and increase as the class fills up.

DIBS does not drop prices at the last minute- by encouraging early bookings, we are shaping more loyal and committed customer behavior, rather than attracting those who will only ever book if the last-minute discount is steep enough.

How does DIBS drive bookings?

We have spent a great deal of time analyzing friction points during the booking process in order to create a product that minimizes those pain points. We’ve drastically reduced the time it takes to both register and schedule a class. With DIBS, customers who visit your website are more likely to complete the transaction. We’ve simplified and optimized the mobile experience as well; DIBS is mobile-first, so customers can book through their phones just as easily as they can on a computer. A more direct option is “text to book,” an intuitive and seamless process. No app download necessary.

Booking frequency is also driven by the nature of our pricing; customers receive the best value by booking as far in advance of the class as the booking window allows, and therefore customers often lock in a favorable rate by booking multiple classes at a time. Users receive a credit to your studio if they cancel- not a refund.

In addition to reducing booking friction and encouraging early booking, DIBS understands that every single customer is different. We track individual customers’ booking behavior in order to deliver laser-focused flash credits that drive more visits to your studio.

What can I expect in terms of revenue generation from DIBS bookings?

The revenue generation from DIBS will depend on how much your average user spends, and how many of them book with DIBS. The average increase in user spend is 111%. Input your studio’s information into this tool to see what DIBS could do for your studio.

How do early and late cancels work when booking through DIBS?

We follow your cancellation policy. Most studios do not credit customers who cancel within 12 hours of the class. Customers who cancel in advance receive a credit to your studio in the amount paid for the class.

What type of user is most likely to book through DIBS?

DIBS users come from all booking categories– and the average increase in spend is 111%. Your members are an exception. Customers receive better value from their membership than DIBS, so very few have left their membership and booked on DIBS (only 1% of the DIBS group).

Do users spend more once they start visiting with DIBS?

Yes. DIBS users increase spend by an average of 2.1x over three months.

What happens to my package people?

People who mostly booked through packages in the month before their first DIBS visit increase spend by an average of 63%. Some people continue to use packages, as DIBS exists side by side with your existing payment options. Additionally, customers can pre-load their account to receive bonus credits, with an option to auto-renew credit load when the credits are used.

What happens to my members?

When members cancel their membership, it’s often due to a major life change that demands greater flexibility. Very few customers have left their membership in order to book on DIBS (1% of the group). However, DIBS has proven to be a powerful retention tool for those who have. DIBS users spend 2.4x as much in the 90 days after their last membership visit than non-DIBS users.

Does DIBS bring in new customers?

Because DIBS provides a range of price points, it attracts customers who previously may have hesitated to make the financial commitment of visiting your studio. 16% of DIBS customers are new to our partner studios. They spend an average of $77 in their first 90 days with the studio, while other new users spend $57 (that’s a 35% increase).

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