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Grow your fitness studio on your own terms.
Dibs helps you seamlessly manage bookings, pricing, and customer retention directly through your website.
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Seamlessly integrate a customer-friendly schedule

Customized to match your studio's branding, the Dibs pricing plug-in is easy to install directly on your website. Customers experience a frictionless path to purchase, with a clear understanding of the different pricing options available.

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Respond to real-time demand

With Dibs, you can price each spot in every class based on customer demand. Set a minimum and maximum price for each class, and then the price will automatically increase as the class fills so people don't wait for last-minute deals.


Unlock more powerful packages

Packages are designed to be more attractive to customers. By purchasing a package, customers lock in a maximum price per class and earn credits as they book. They get more value, and you get more revenue.

flash credits

Cultivate more of your best customers

Dibs sends flash credits on your behalf to customers who are on the path to being super loyal, committed members of your community. That way, we are rewarding positive behavior that supports the studio, rather than trying to re-engage attendees who have moved on.

refer a friend

Lead-generating referral program

A friend referral system is built into the Dibs pricing engine. That way, you can make it easy for customers to spread the word about your studio.


Real-time data tracking

Dibs provides you with a dashboard to help track your day-to-day performance, along with longer-term trends. That way, you always have a finger on the pulse of the health of your studio.